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Our Macarons are Edible Art

Check out some of our favorites here in our gallery!

Bright purple macarons (4) stacked and surrounded by brightly colored flake cereal.
pink macaron on a white china plate. it is topped with white sprinkles. there is a red rose in the background.
Four bright yellow-orange macarons airbrushed with a red dragon design.
Red holiday macarons with brown filling, decorated with little green christmas trees and white sprinkles
yellow macarons in a pile, airbrushed with brown and gold
six cream-colored macarons brushed with metallic pink edible paint. One is turned on the side to showcase piped cream-colored filling.
light blue macaron cookie, viewed from the side, with rainbow sprinkles adhered to the frosting filling
Two young, red-haired children smile for the camera. The older of the two holds a bitten green macaron up to her smiling face. They are dressed ini festive St Patrick's Day clothing and headbands.
an eight-row macaron tower topped with a teacup filled with purple roses. The cookies are in varying degrees of purple, with lavender at the top, purple in the middle three tiers, and royal purple for the bottom two. The caption states "ready to rock here at Dessert Wars."
a green-rimmed china plate is filled with three green and cream-colored marbled macarons, one turned to show marbled filling. A handful of shelled pistachios is also on the plate.
Pastel blue and pink marbled macaron topped, filled with white filling, with a set of weeding rings, including a diamond solitaire with a gold band, a diamond and gold band, and a solid gold band.
cream-colored macarons in a pile on a marbled countertop, each with a small red heart as decoration.
soft purple macarons up close, showing piped pink filling from the side. They are topped with rainbow sprinkles.
a man, a woman and a child are huddle together facing the camera, smiling. The woman and child hold up macarons. The adults are in sunglasses and the child wears a piink baseball cap and pink glasses.
a set of seven marbled cream and green macarons, topped with gold flecks. One is turned on the side to show light green filling.
Baby pink macarons on a gray background. Two are airbrushed; one with a purple elephant and one with the words "the wild ones" in pink. The others are topped with purple and pink sprinkles.
a man in a blue and white Hawaiian shirt holds a bright purple macaron box, the clear top facing the camera. He is smiling as he points to the box with his other hand.
A small child is peering over the edge of a purple-covered table. She is blonde with with white skin and is wearing a child' toy tiara. She is looking at the camera, with a tray of macaron cookies on the table in front of her. The cookies are not visible from the front but are packed and laid out for sale.
A woman wearing a tall wig and pearls, appearing to be dressed for a burlesque show, is eating a pink macaron.
a man and a woman hold up pink macarons airbrushed with the vintage MTV logo. The man is a member of 90's boy band 98 degrees. They both have expressions of joy, the woman is smiling and the man has wide eyes and an "oh" expression. They appear to be at a convention.
Two women standing in front of a purple 10 x 10 canopy tent, which can be seen above them. One is holding a macaron and they are posed facing the camera, smiling
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